Natural stone is perfect solution for outdoor floorings. Beautiful and timeless with an unique quality: adaptability.
Thanks to this adaptability it can be used in different spaces going from private to public and from small to big surfaces.
Other advantage is its resistance. If stone is placed with know how it will be a work for eternity. Last but not least, INOUTDOORSTONE allows to create always new and different patterns and movements.


INOUTDOORSTONE’S raw materials are directly
from Mother Earth with her unique and incomparable gifts.other products.


Finished products are the result of a long chain of steps going from planning and architects’ inspirations, capable of bringing forth perfect solutions that can be adapted in all contexts, to the choice of the raw materials which will be handled with professionalism and knowledge during cutting and finish processes with highest attention given to the smallest details. 


Natural stones are the first ever construction materials used by mankind. There is not only the fascination issue about them being millions of years old but also their resistance, density and durability which define them as superior compared to other products.


INOUTDOORSTONE products are ambassadors of the design, elegance and refinement of the real Madein-Italy.  Raw materials chosen with attention, handled with accuracy and a severe quality control with the result of forging prestigious, high quality finished items. Since always Made-in-Italy creations remain symbols of excellence.


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