Natural stones are the first ever construction materials used by mankind. There is not only the fascination issue about them being millions of years old but also their resistance, density and durability which define them as superior compared to other products.

The Pyramids, Stonehenge and the Colosseum, Cathedrals and world’s oldest constructions are all proofs of this superiority.

No other known construction material can stand same test. All these artworks made by mankind are one big show room to witness natural stone’s qualities

It will have always a life span superior compared to the structure in which it’s been used. In ancient cultures, and not only, magical powers were recognized to stone and it was worshipped.


Every single part of stones is used, remains are still a resource to be used. 

From little debris up to greater parts, all will have a function going from wave breakers, gravel, opus incertum, mosaics, street undergrounds.

If reduced to dust it can be used in chemical industry, as part of fertilizers,
to reinforce paper and it’s even a component in the pharmaceutical and food production.

And, if desired, all can restart again because natural stone is a natural product with no end.


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