Stones are products that are already available within Mother Earth, to transform these raw materials into beautiful artifacts requires energy, passion and know how.

Compared to several other construction materials, natural stone doesn’t need to be made by man,  it’s already there.

And every single product is unique thanks to its own colour nuances and  veinings.


In every corner of the world it’s possible to find natural stones caves who express and define, thanks to their colours, the places they come from.


Natural stones fulfil your senses with
their colours and veinings, their symmetries
and asymmetries, their imperfections
and their chromatic undertones.

Natural stones are subdivided in following categories: marble, granite,
travertine, limestone, sandstone, soapstone, bluestone, slate, basalt, quartzite and onyx.

Inoutdoorstone products are composed exclusively of minerals and natural raw materials making them eco-friendly and compatible also for outside use, thanks to their high density and resistance towards the weather elements.

It is very hard to describe the beauty
of natural stones and even more difficult
to receive negative comments on houses with stone claddings, a style recognized as beautiful by all cultures, all social classes and all ages.


The fire proof capacity is an important
characteristic for all materials
used for private as for commercial,
industrial and public constructions.

Natural stone is a full fire proof material and is classified as A1 construction material (UNI EN 13501-1), i.e. no laboratory testings are required (93/603/CE).

In the unlikely event a fire should happen it will not supply energy to flames, will not propagate the fire and it doesn’t has any emission of hazardous or dangerous substances.


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