By creating EUROMARMI we aimed mainly at developing strong reactions, based on mutual respect and trust, with consulting companies, designers, architects and contractors.
We understood that trust has to be gained step by step and kept with daily commitment. 

We’re convinced that if we want to face with success the global market we’ll need to do it together with a team of professionals and  top-managers who sustain with know how this difficult but captivating challenge.

Success has been made possible mainly thanks to our highly qualified personnel that gained state of the art experience and craftsmanship.


Founded in 1982 by two tireless spouses who built up a small though solid reality thanks to their efforts and constancy.

Since more than 20 years Euromarmi Srl. – company that in the meantime became leader in the stone sector – is managed by two brothers who invested in their territory building a 40.000 square meters plant equipped with last generation, high technology machinery which handled by highly qualified people are capable of not only satisfying customers’ requests but even go beyond their expectations.

Euromarmi’s technologies play a key role to shape, add quality and beauty to its realizations. 

They allow to obtain elaborated designs into the marble, complex and unique labours with extreme precision and incredible speed. 

Thanks to a highly qualified staff going from technical department to the workers in charge of finishes, in our company no job, notwithstanding its complexity and difficulty, has to be considered as a difficult task.

Euromarmi Srl is in a continuous evolution, not only considering its technologies, but even more important with never ending innovations of raw materials and finished products.

The INOUTDOORSTONE line is only the first of numerous new projects that will be launched on the market.


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