Finished products are the result of a long chain of steps going from planning and architects’ inspirations, capable of bringing forth perfect solutions that can be adapted in all contexts, to the choice of the raw materials which will be handled 

with professionalism and knowledge during cutting and finish processes with highest attention given to the smallest details.

This work flow, tested during the years, makes it possible to deliver to each customer the desired products.

All this awareness allows us to obtain and satisfy the ISO quality certification.

Quality department is in charge of verifying required standards of finished products before they get packaged ready for shipping.


All INOUTDOORSTONE products received a stain repellent and a water proof treatment to avoid water absorption. 

These treatments reinforce the natural structure of the stones who are already by there own nature protected against the weather elements

EUROMARMI srl developed an innovative treatment called “C.A.S.” (Cleaning, Adsorb, Spots) which protects from water, stains and keeps the stones clean. 

With these treatments your natural stones devices will look alive and beautiful as first day they were installed. 

Thanks to these treatments for long time moulds and fungus won’t have any chance to damage the stones’ beauty.


INOUTDOORSTONE’S standard sizes are an advantage for what
concerns savings, since everyone can find the perfect sizes for
own requests without the need of professional help.

The products are ready to be installed in your preferred places.
Since they are also easy to install, costs will be reduced even
more because there is no need of specialized workforces.


The INOUTDOORSTONE line is the result of 40 years of experience
in stone sector and this allowed us to identify all sizes required
by international markets, starting from Italy towards all
countries of the world. The wide range of products, shown in this
catalogue, is capable to satisfy all kinds of requests and needs.


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