INOUTDOORSTONE tries to satisfy all requests offering standard sizes for floors and claddings.

Sizes and shapes are geometrical elements of the final architectural project.

To choose means to
prefer a particular breath, a certain atmosphere and harmony of volumes.

This means that meticulous attention has to be given to the development of spaces.

For this reason INOUTDOORSTONE offers a dimensional range with the intention to fulfill all possible requests.


Thicknesses of all INOUTDOORSTONE products have been verified and tested with accuracy to assure correct resistance and reliability to each single element.

Each product has been created with best fitting and most useful thickness to assure its handling according to customers’ requests and needs.

All thicknesses of the INOUTDOORSTONE product line allow customers to choose without constraints where to install and how to install them.


The Inoutdoorstone products can be installed dry directly on several undergrounds like sand, gravel or grass  making it possible to have immediately a walk-on floor, without the need of screeds, mortar or glues.
Strong, no frost, antislip and easy to install and clean. Steadfast product with all weather conditions and doesn’t suffer mildew, mould and copper pesticide.

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Always changeable
  • Always possibility to re-use or substitute
  • Perfect water drainage
  • No professional help needed
  • No fixing additives needed
  • Reduced installation time, i.e. reduced costs
  • Can be walked on immediately


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